Don’t get involved

Dear Mariah,
Dont get involved. This is propaganza that you have the right to regect or accept. I cannot say that you should set your future heart on, It is something that I have seen in the past and individuals have been caught and gone to jail for, be careful. I care for you.
See you in December
Mik xoxoxox (Michael Granville-Edge)

I received this email from Mik today. I know that he care for me. He knows what’s happening in the politics of Sabah. He knows better than me. Yes, from the begining. Slowly, I can see who’s really in PKR. There’s so many people trying to get position in PKR Sabah but for what? There just playing. Talk nonsense and wasting our time. There’s so many things happened lately. But i don’t know what will happen after this. I’ve been transfered to Ipoh and my flight is tomorrow. Will try to come for the Anwar Ibrahim Club Gathering at Amcorp Mall.

Thanks Mik. I know what u trying to say. I will visit u over there in Australia before u go back Malaysia. Miss u so much. And PJ too. Send my regards to PJ.

All the best to PKR Perhubungan Sabah. Be smart, not semak. Be good not goat!


One Response to Don’t get involved

  1. Since you have involved yourself in politics it is incumbent upon you to take all the necessary actions and be physical and mentally prepared to face any unbecoming circumstances. It is is heartening that in SAbah there’s still who dared to challenge the unruly BN for the sake of the people and not their oversived stomachs.

    Lawan tetap lawan!

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