Kick Some BN Ass!!!

I was chit chatting with Teoh Ee Wei last nite. Tak sangka she planned to do politics for her master. A lot of people got surprised because its like a total twist from her diploma and degree. Dulu kami sama-sama study in Mass Communication. But for me, i tak terkejut coz i’m doing the same thing.

When i said that im with the opposition party (semastinya KEADILAN),  she ask me this funny question: ‘KEADILAN n PAS..same thing?’. Sebenarnya dia takut-takut kalau Malaysia ni jadi negara Islam pulak. Dia takut kalau rakyat non-muslim tidak diberi tempat di Malaysia. Dia lupa bahawa akupun bukan muslim juga. Dia mengaku that she such a bad Malaysian. She know about Aussie stuff and not much much about Malaysian. Hopefully she will still be around for the election. Biar dia experience sikit macam mana campaign di Malaysia yang berat sebelah. Liputan media dikongkong kerajaan. Mungkin dia punya idea baru untuk menentang kerajaan diktator ini?

 I nak dia mengundi parti yang dia mahu untuk memerintah Malaysia. Aku ingat lagi time kami sama-sama study dulu. Ee Wei merupakan salah seorang pelajar Malaysia yang sangat bijak dan berfikiran terbuka. Namun aku langsung tidak menyangka dia berminat dalam bidang politik. She extremely pissed with acts of demolishing our common law in Malaysia and change to the Malay Law. I agree with her. It doesn’t means that we anti- Islam. No. Ramai saudara-mara aku yang already converted to muslim. And if 1 day i married a muslim guy pun mesti aku pun kena convert juga kan? *wink* That is my problem la tapi tahukah anda ada ramai rakyat Malaysia di luar sana yang takut sekiranya mereka tidak punya kebebasan beragama?

For me, BN never shows that they care about this issue. And thank you for janji PKR untuk menjadikan Malaysia ini lebih adil. Im sure ramai yang berbesar hati untuk menerima PKR sekiranya mereka berfikir demi untuk kebaikan bersama. Its not possible. But seriously, Malaysia politics is so gloomy and bleak that it seems like there’s nothing we can do about it. Sekarang ini, terlalu ramai rakyat yang terkurung di dalam tempurung kaca. Mereka boleh meninjau keadaan luar dan boleh menilai yang baik dan buruk tetapi mereka takut akan ancaman-ancaman daripada kerajaan. Setiap pelusuk negara ibarat sudah dijampi agar menjilat kaki pemimpin kerajaan. Siapa sahaja yang berani melanggar, pasti dituduh sebagai penderhaka dan pastinya akan disula sampai mati.

Sometimes, you can’t really blame those people who studied overseas for not wanting to come back to Malaysia coz when you studied overseas your mind tend to become open and once you go back to Malaysia and its restricted. No one likes it and then the government blames these youngsters (predominantly the chinese n indians) for being a “traitor” and outsource all the expertise to overseas countries and who’s to blame that straight A non-muslim students can’t get a placement in local universities.

Kalau menteri pendidikan baca blog aku ni pun, dia mesti senaraikan seramai mungkin pelajar bukan melayu yang belajar di IPTA. Tapi, adakah anda melihat dengan jelas bahawa ramai lagi pelajar bukan melayu yang mendapat keputusan cemerlang tetapi tidak mendapat tempat di IPTA? Manakah meritokrasi yang digembar-gembur selama ini? Mungkin memang benar pemimpin Melayu patut menjaga kebajikan orang Melayu tapi jika ingin menjaga kebajikanpun biarlah berpada. Pernahkan anda terfikir kenapa ramai orang kaya-kaya (semestinya Melayu) mendapat biasiswa untuk melanjutkan pelajaran dan golongan miskin dipinggirkan? Ish, tangan aku menggeletar ketika menaip blog ini. Tidak dapat aku gambarkan bertapa hipokritnya kerajaan berkenaan isu ini.

Pilihanraya sudah dekat. Pangkahlah mana yang anda mahukan. And stick with that. We helping each other for the BRAND NEW MALAYSIA. Jangan ada jurang pemisah walaupun kita berbeza anutan dan kepercayaan kerana kita sama-sama Anak Malaysia!


6 Responses to Kick Some BN Ass!!!

  1. cakapaje says:

    Mariah, my first time here via Cikgu.

    OOT ye: but your wtv8 link masih yang lama (yang kena hijacked!)

    Link baru:

  2. True Malaysian says:

    I’m in Education line & currently in one of the private Colleges in Malaysia. I’ve seen many Malaysian students who went overseas and come back to malaysia (Mostly family reasons) to continue their studies. If you’re a student, I think you know what I mean when I say that these kind of students are always open minded & more accepting of people around them. They don’t backstab, manipulate or even play politics in class. And if you look at other local students, what do you see? I have great faith that this is due to the people they mix around with and how the country they lived in, being run.

    There are many local students who act as though they are open minded & ‘all that’. But what’s the point? Its all acting. It all boils down to your characteristics & integrity. What happens around you is the outcome of what happens inside you. And what happens in our country is the outcome of what happens in the management team of the country. If you like your country for how its being run, brilliant. If not, do you think the management team plays a big part?

    Many people complain their circumstances. But never willing to change themselves. They hate stuck in traffic & the price of the tolls. But they still pround of the management team. They hate the rules and regulations. But they still support the team.

    So, who’s fault is it? When you have the power to vote and change all this, what were you doing? Sleeping? Stop complaining and do something. Start asking yourself, what do you really want? When you have them list down, ask yourself, how can I get this? And then find solutions. Mix around with people who want the same thing as yours. If change is what you want, mix with people who want change. If not, you’ll end up in the same place and the next generation will just follow the same pattern of living for the rest of their lives and there’s never an end to this. So, stand up make some difference in your life and your children’s life.

    Brilliant post as usual Mariah. Keep up the good work!

  3. ladymariah says:

    Thanks guys! Thanks again for the wtv link.

  4. hani says:

    Im sorry guys but im voting all the way for BN who has been doing loads for us. If u wanna talk about the other party..what have they been doing for us? Is just a big hoohah but in the end is nothing. And they all talk sorry, im still holding on to my princip that i’ll be voting for those who has help and at least tried to make us live a better life. Thanks…no further comment.

    ps: i aint never turning my back on BN

  5. I can only say this is a brilliant post! Mariah! muahs! i love u for this!

  6. Pembebel says:

    Meriah sungguh blog Mariah dengan kata2 pujian. Nyeh3. 😀

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