NURIN. She is just a little girl, aged 8 years, brutally killed by “BRUTEs'”. She endured such pain and misery before her death. But today she was laid to rest in PEACE forever. May God bless her soul. This is a great lost for her family Mr.Jazimin Abdul Jalil (her father) and for all her loved ones, as this was beyond their expertise. This is another gruesome murder in our country, and all Malaysians’ regardless race and age; one accord supports the family to bring this BEAST to face Nurins justice.

THEVAN. Friend of mine. Thevan met in a real bad accident. The accident happend on 24th afternoon but i got the news after 2 days. Laura sms me. 10 hours operation and doctor said there’s many more operation after this. Both his legs  fractured badly and left leg’s knee cap totally gone and right leg bad too. Both his arm fractured and last 2 fingers on his left was damaged. The doctor said cannot save it. Will take 1-2 years before he can walk again and can’t walk like normal after this. The accident happend when he was on his way to meet his dad coz the dad admitted too. Few years back, his brother passed away in an accident. Family are so worried. I always pray for you Thevan. Be strong!


2 Responses to Sadness…

  1. ermmmm sedihnya budak 2. jadikan ikhtibar moga peristiwa ini tidak berulang lagi.

  2. dekerinchi says:

    Salam ladymariah

    Nurin adalah kes negara dan ia adalah isu nasional. Tindakan menghukum mereka yang terlibat adalah amat dialu-alukan.

    Simpati dengan Thevan,I also pray for you Thevan…

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