Lorong Gelap Kg. Air (Part III)

Ouh! Finally. I managed to talk to the minister. And this part will be the end of my Pondan story in Kampung Air. Enjoy, guys! Happy Mother’s Day! Can’t type much. Its mother’s day and not many of us in  the office. I still have  a few stories for tomorrow’s paper.


PROSTITUTION. The world’s oldest profession.
But being one of the most senior ‘professions’, it is still illegal in Malaysia, including transsexual prostitution. Yet, in some ways or another, it exist everywhere. And Sabah is no exception.

Each night, one will not fail to see transvestites wearing the most skimpiest attire, waiting patiently in front of the shop lots in Kampung Air, trying their luck on men who prefers their kind of services. They come in many sizes, many backgrounds, be it locals or foreigners.

To begin with, they are not real women, but somehow, the demands never stop. In some countries, prostitution becomes one of the main attraction. So are we going to do the same for Sabah? Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun strongly disagree with the thought.

“Sabah is definitely not a destination for tourists who come looking for sex.
We do not need sexual image to be well known … in fact,  it would tarnish our tourism industry. This is an ill-culture from outside and it is attacking our tourism spot.

“Our initial target was to promote Kampung Air as a night market and grocery stores, not a spot for those looking for sexual pleasures!” Masidi said the transsexual prostitution is another activity that was similar to the ‘China Doll’ activities which hit Sabah few years ago.

China doll is a name given to China national girls who offer sex to earn their living. Often, they are caught abusing their visitor’s passes to gain entry into the State and later work as prostitutes.
Two years back, Masidi recalled that many of these China dolls were picked up from saloons, karaokes, night spots and reflexology centres.
“Working in these places was just a cover-up to their real activity, which is prostitution.
“It is such a shame  especially as we are in a Country which is rich of tradition and politeness. We strongly hold to our own religion and beliefs. If Thailand is famous with their sexual-related attractions, we are totally the opposite,”  said Masidi.

He said prostitution was not always legal in Thailand. Prostitution in Thailand was illegal in 1960, when a law was passed under pressure by the United Nations. But, the prohibition is seldom enforced. So instead, the government has instituted a system of monitoring sex workers in order to prevent their mistreatment.
This clearly shows that Thailand is not lack of law against prostitution, but it was not fully implemented. Without a legal precedent, other police officers will rarely agree to arrest someone charged for prostitution.

“On actions taken to rid China dolls from Sabah, we will do the same effort to clean up transsexual prostitutes in Kampung Air, or any other places for that matter. The foreigners will be deported to the countries of origin, and make sure they get the message that their services are not needed here,¨ he stressed.

And to show that he is a man of his words, Masidi gave the assurance that he would be discussing the matter further with the enforcements as well as relevant departments to ensure measures are immediately taken before the State’s good name is tarnished.

But of course, tackling prostitution is not exactly an easy job.  Under Section 372 (1) (d) of the Penal Code, those found involved in vice can be jail up to 15 years, and whipped, and fined, if found guilty.  Still, the heavy penalties does not deter them from going to the streets to offer sex services. They are still around, whether openly or underground, because the demands never stop.

“Transsexual prostitution, is however, a new kind of parasite in Sabah,¨ Masidi noted, stressing immediate measures must be taken before it is too late.

Twenty-year-old Ginie, a transsexual prostitute from the Philippines entered the State with his social pass, just like any other hopefuls who thought life would be much easier here. He disclosed there is a market for their kind of services, so why stop when the money keeps coming in.

“I will leave Sabah before my visit pass expires, stay in my hometown in Philippines for a few months, then come back here to earn a living … the ‘pay’ is lucrative, it puts food on our table, and it is an easy job, so why stop?¨ he said.

Tyna, a 21-year-old diploma holder, turned to transsexual prostitution after being rejected for ‘real job’, as he puts it.
“I have applied many jobs, but because I am a little bit softy, I become the laughing stock among my colleagues. Basically, it is not that I do not have the talent or the brains, it is the people, who call themselves ‘straight’ out there who are belittling us … we are earning a living like anybody else, so why look down on us.
“Now when we cannot make ends meet, we have no other way but to turn to sex work. That seems to be our only hope to earn a living, and still we are seen as trouble-makers, nuisance … but do they realise who started it all? Who should take the blame? Are we to be blamed?¨ asked Tyna.

Tyna stressed that he still have some dignity left, and hope the public would respect them.
“Respect is earned, so if you want to be respected, you must learn to respect others first,¨ said Tyna, who claims that he used to be molested, especially after undergoing breast injections long ago.

Since transvestites or ‘pondan hits the State like a new trend, the relevant authorities are pushed to study the current situation to find the best solutions to overcome it.
Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister, Datuk Azizah Datuk Seri Panglima Mohd Dun, said they would be talking to their counterparts in other departments as well as City Hall to find ways to settle the matter.

“Although it is against the law, we must also look at the other side of the coin as these people claims that they are women trapped in a man’s body … we must respect their thoughts.

“But having said that, we need to do a thorough study and carry out investigation on the how far are they involved in sex work, especially those educated transvestites who are ‘trading’ in Kampung Air and Asia city,” she said.

Stressing that it was important that the society are made aware of the problem so that they could join hands and ensure best solutions are taken.
Azizah also said it is important to help the younger generation who are facing identity crisis and having problem about understanding their own gender.

“These group of people will need greater attention, motivation and also behaviour modification … they will have to see experts, or psychiatrist, for that matter.
“We will have to set up professional groups to do their studies so that they would be able to get a collective result. We fear, if this is not overcome soon, it would lead to more serious problems such as spread of sexually transmitted diseases  or AIDS due to unsafe sex,¨ she said.

Demands. Supplies. Unsafe sex. Weird pleasures. Sexual disorders. Those are just a few unanswered facts of life. But some things remain unchanged; where there is demand, there is supply.

We must stop pointing fingers. Instead of blaming one another, we should unite and find a solution to the existing problem before it gets worst.
It is time to open up. Embrace change. Start respecting. Only then can we make this world a better place to live in.

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11 Responses to Lorong Gelap Kg. Air (Part III)

  1. sumbiling says:

    being taught in all-boys school, i can say there must be at least 1 soft guy in every class if not more. i have one very very close friend, a pondan like everyone calls it. someone i knew since i was 6. we were studying in the same kidnergarten. we were also together in the primary and secondary school. he left to the science school when he was sixteen. since then we meet seldomly. the last time i saw him was when i went back to kk from kelantan. he was studying at UMS in education. i heard a lot about him from people including my mum. my mum said he was prettier than his younger sister and that made me laugh. but i never see him myself until one day he invited me to his house for the raya celebration. it was only him and i. i was shocked. he has totally changed and i can tell you he was pretty. :)… i asked about his breast and he admitted he took the family planning pil to enlarge his breast. he even offer me his service jokingly…hehehe.. normal blowjob for rm20 and cold blowjob for 30.. cold blowjob is.. he will eat the hacks sweet first before performing the blowjob… hehehe..

    i heard from some of my friends that he is doing his business at kg. air.. curious about that, i went to kg air with 3 friends and what i saw was shocking. he was in his full dressing with make-up on his face.. and to be honest he was pretty…

    hmmmm….now he is a teacher. i truly believe that he has a woman soul in a male body. and i also believe that he never wanted to be like that. all i can do is hoping. hoping for him to change although i dont think that is possible.

    not only him actually.. i have one other friend that has the same nature with him but he has not reach the “kg air level”. my junior which is my friend’s brother is also doing his business in kg air.

    whatever it is… well done for this excellent report. i hope people will open their eyes and see this issue form different angles. they should neither be discriminated(themselves) nor supported(activities).

  2. ladymariah says:

    babe, thanks for sharing ur experience 😉

  3. Butod Sandwich says:

    imo, the society still discriminate, stressed and mocked them. they difficult to find proper halal jobs. the option had been very narrowed down until they have to last resort prostitution to earn themselves leading to std and aids for sure.

    the rule of money, demand & supply win. the demand might be the tourists and locals who have the money to pay the prostitution services. it would be surprised (or not so…) if one of their clients might be your friends, husband, relatives or someone you know secretly buying the services. it’s happening out there. this is cancer truth.

    authorities have been captured, fined, jailed, lectured and released them back to the society in hope to change them… might be very slim.

    so, instead of wasting time babbling, i proposed a logical solution. Funding one organization body to to administrate them with industrial work training and experts consultation. Help to give them halal working opportunities such as teacher, fashion, management, food or material production, and so on whichever suits them. this is undeniably good productivity to society.

    Do it carefully one step at a time. with the cooperation of government and private funding, society supports and good will, we can make it.

  4. ladymariah says:

    speak up, baby! KK need someone like you!

  5. itu_teknik_baja_itam_baitu says:

    sia rasa idea solution si butod ni kurang berkesan. sori gia. jgn marah ok. sia hormat pandagan u. tpi yg perenggan ke-2 dan ke-3 ok suda yg rule demand supply sia sokong.

    nak golongan2 ni dibagi peluang dalam aliran mainstream? carik nahas tu gia. apa u bulih jamin diurang ni inda makin menjadi-jadi? adakah bagi kesan kpd struktur sosial? sia tingu idea ni akan back-fire kita balik nanti dan jadi budaya masyarakat bertambah merosakkan.

    sia rasa lebih baik if golongan LGBT lama dan baru yg ada di luar sana pikir masak2 8x adakah tindakan mereka berbaloi? adakah tindakan mereka ada kesan buruk kepada masarakat dan rumahtangga? adakah ia menjajaskan imej negara & bangsa kita? bermoralkah tindakan masam ni? maukah jadi masam negara2 barat lain yg berbudaya songsang masam ni, rogol di-mana2? meningkatkah penularan penyakit2 berbahaya dan HIV? bulih pakai condom ba tapi brtambah liar nafsu nak berbisnes duit haram dan dosa lagi. urang tia nampak tpi tuhan nampak.

    kalau inda ada jalan penyelesaian, adakah gholongan2 ni terpaksa diabaikan dan dibiarkan lapar dan mati? kejam atau inda ambi kisahkah masarakat sekitar? akan turut terlibat berdosakah masarakat itu sendiri yang memrendah-rendahkan mereka ini? gagalkah sistem yg sedia ada masakini? rasional-kah mentaliti “bukan hal sia, sia paduli apa. inda akan kana pada sia. sendiri jaga hal sendiri.” dalam kes seperti ni? masamana if perkara ni tarjadi sama anak2 kita? di mana nak latak muka dalam frame gambar? dalam intenet?

    adakah nak dipaksa-paksa dan ditekan mereka ni kembali pangkal jalan? masamana kalu mereka ni bertambah mendadak graf x=y^2 generasi demi generasi? apa jadi dgn lalaki ori? makin kurang maskulin atau mau nak pupuskah duirang sumua ni? di mana nak letak maruah perempuan sebagai pemangkin feminin. apa masih kurang cantikkah sumandak2 kita? adakah konsep jantina sudah dikaburkan sampai tarjadi kaadaan masam ni? hakikat serta kebenaran suda kelihatan tpi apakah tindakan susulan dalam menagani masalah ni?

    sumua faktor2 ni harus diambil kira. pandangan bukan dari satu pihak ja. sia rasa suda banyak input sia bagi. ingat, masih blum terlambat gia.

  6. Micheal says:

    hi everyone, this real shit happen to me, its a good lesson for me never ever go to a hooker. 2 weeks back i were working at KK & its my 1st time working at there, the duration is for 6 days. On the 4th day i working there i got a off day tomorrow so i just walk around the town i heard about this kg Air place from my friend so i walked there to checkout the place. the time was around 1:30am i was stopped by this 1 girl she tell me i can screw her just for RM30 & she can give a nice blow job as well. I never lie here, i did had sex before but never ever in my life with a hooker. Since she was saying RM30 only suddenly i just walk with her to the backyard then to upstairs of a shop lot. There i saw a few Indonesian man like taking care this place. The man asked the girl how much then she said 30 & tell me to pay the to the guy, I paid as she said. The Indonesian guy tell us to wait since all the room is full at moment. During the waiting time i asked where she from & she told me she is form Surabaya Indonesia. We were sitting there like for 5 minutes then 1 man came & bring us to 1 room actually the place really stinks & i was don’t know what am i doing here. Inside the room she is ready to start work while i really cannot do it. She was trying to make me but i couldn’t concentrate maybe i was so scared because this is the 1st time i’m with a hooker. I just lying down on the bed then she said faster other people want to use the room. I told her i can’t do it then she said we cannot delay until suddenly someone came to knock the door & she said ya its going to finish. She tell me if i cannot do it then she have to go cause other people waiting for the room & we cannot sit here for long. I was kind of blur & still sitting on the bed while she get dress also the guy outside knocked the door harder for second time. She tell me she have to go as she rushed out through the door. I get up slowly to take my hps & wallet which i put it on the chair near the bed which put me to hell of a shocked that 1 of my hp not there anymore, I rush out & ask the Indonesian guy outside the room “where is she? she took my hp” which the guy reply “she went down to the street faster chase her.” I run to the street i couldn’t find her. That’s it i nicely got cheated by this bitch. I walked back to my room like a dead man, fucking frustrated & a good lesson for me. Then i realize all this is set up to corn the outsiders. You know what some more? when tomorrow morning i open up my wallet then only i get to know she also took my RM200 from my wallet, i got no idea how or when she did that i really got corned. Just wanna tell you guys outside there please be careful with this KG AIR hookers maybe can happen to you also.

  7. Tutsy says:

    Saw your blog bookmarked on Delicious. I love your site and marketing strategy.

  8. charman says:

    In my opinion, the government should really look at bigger problems first,dealing with the tide of illegal immigrants rather than discriminating against a few pondans….corrupt government is much more of a worry than girly-boys..

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