Vacation. Vacation. Vacation.

peace out!

I am going on vacation to the Philippines(Manila) at the end of the year (hmm… Im thinking of going to Cambodia also). I will be in the Philippines for a total of one week and will be staying in hostels. Anybody can suggest places to go and not so expensive hotels to stay? Not sure if RM2k is enough for one week.  I don’t drink so that cuts out alcohol. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


7 Responses to Vacation. Vacation. Vacation.

  1. urang sabah says:

    kirim salam tu spek… aaa hehe.

  2. ladymariah says:

    urang sabah: aiyaaa… teda urang kasi tau apa yg best di sana. hehehe.

  3. hi my baby lady mariah! lama tak singgah teratak ko nie. awak apa kabar? :p

    next wik sy turun kk, jom kita minum2 kopi

  4. bangar83 says:

    lama ko inda update blog ko ni.. belum sampai pi pilipin ka..

  5. ladymariah says:

    nanti la update lagi. skrg ni slow down dulu…

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