Have u been to our DUN sitting?

The Borneo Post (written by my lovely friend Sandra Sokial) reported Jimmy Wong and Musa argument during the sitting on August 2th 2010. I’m sure not many people read our paper on the next day. Lagipun, the story was  not published on our website. Mari baca, we share the fun 😉

The Borneo Post, August 3rd 2010.

Wong, Musa in war of words when debating First Supplementary Supply Bill

THE sole Democratic Action Party (DAP) representative, Jimmy Wong, yesterday engaged in a lively war of words with Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman on the first day of the State Assembly sitting.

The heated argument between the duo started when Jimmy used inappropriate words like ‘anjing’ (dog) and ‘rasuah’ (corruption) when debating the First Supplementary Supply Bill 2010 which was tabled by Assistant Finance Minister Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan.

Musa also challenged Wong to repeat his allegations outside the House for using the word ‘rasuah’.
Wong had earlier voiced out his dissatisfaction over the amount of supplementary supply budget, adding that the huge allocation had failed to serve its purpose.

“People are saying they cannot smell, see or feel the allocation and development. They are saying that the government is so fond of asking for more allocations but still there is no development. Even the Sukau assemblyman (Saddi Abdul Rahman) is asking for the progress of the water project in his constituency which was promised under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP). This is water, this is basic necessity. Is it under the state or federal government budget?”

At this juncture, Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Pairin Kitingan, who is also the Infrastructure Development Minister, stood up to explain that the Sukau assemblyman’s question could not be answered as the question and answer session was defeated by time.

He told Wong that he should not come up with assumptions, adding: “The project has been approved and is under planning. It is expected to start next year … so please do not come up with assumptions, we would have explained this if we managed to get to the question.”

Wong: It is not easy to ask for money. This is such a big budget (referring to the First Supplementary Supply Bill 2010) and we were only given an hour to read, we cannot do anything, why is it done in the last minute?

Musa: YB (Yang Berhormat) Sri Tanjong is trying to mislead the House. Tan Sri Pairin has given the explanation. I do not know whether he (Wong) has read (the report) or not, was he listening or not, it is all very clear, there is nothing to hide. It is like you’re just seeking cheap publicity, you must know what you’re talking about but it seems that you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

Wong: Did you give us enough time to read the report?

Musa: Read the report carefully, you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s not that you don’t know but you pretend not to know, no point of getting angry. What kind of elected representative are you? This is what the opposition is all about, you just want to find faults and seek cheap publicity.

Wong: What do you mean me seeking cheap publicity? I am not. I just need explanations.

Musa: I am the Chief Minister and I want to put it clear to you.

Wong: I want to get checks and balances of the state government’s expenditure.

Musa: You are talking nonsense. What are you talking about?

Wong: You’re the Chief Minister and Finance Minister, you holding it all (the posts).

Musa: Let me explain to you. I was in Tawau recently and do you know that the Tawau people are no longer in the hardcore poor list? Don’t just look for wrong facts. This is what the opposition is all about, liars.

At this juncture, Sekong assemblyman Datuk Samsuddin Yahya sought for approval to stand and raise the Point of

Order but was denied by Wong who described him as just trying to disturb his debate.

Samsuddin: Why is he (Wong) talking about all these? Doesn’t he realise that he has deviated from the Bill? (And attacked Wong by touching on personal issues such as his house and native certificate)

Wong: Why is he talking about my personal things? Please do not disturb, if you want to make a Point of Order, stick to it.

Samsuddin: What is disturbing? You’re the one with the fake Native Certificate.

Wong: What are you talking about? I want to teach you a lesson, let’s go to court.

The heated argument between Wong and Samsuddin led Deputy Speaker Datuk Frankie Chong who was chairing the session, to switch their microphones off at 11.29am and ordered them to sit down.

Chong: Under the Point of Order 43(4), members of the House should focus their debate based on the topic.

Samsuddin: You said you’re serious in helping the people but you’re just lying.

Wong: You better keep quiet. ‘Ini macam anjing, gigit sama orang’. (Acting like a dog, just biting people)

Samsuddin then sought for a ruling against Wong for using the word ‘anjing’ against him, which was seconded by Sabbi who disclosed that Wong was trying to mislead the House by using an inappropriate word and he should be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

Pairin: The Point of Order 43 (4) states that members of the House should not be using insulting language and YB Sri Tanjong should withdraw the word.

Wong: I want to ask the Deputy Speaker to first ask the Chief Minister to withdraw the word ‘bodoh’ (stupid) he used against me and in respect, I will withdraw the word ‘anjing’ … why is it that the Point or Order is not used against him (Musa)?

Chong: I would like to remind all YBs to refrain from using inappropriate words in the House. This is a warning. If you fail to oblige, action will be taken against you.

Samsuddin: I would like to propose to the Deputy Speaker to make a ruling, there is no point of having the Point of Order if it is not utilised.

Wong: It’s not fair the Point of Order is only used on the opposition

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Yahya Hussin: We didn’t hear the Chief Minister mention the word ‘bodoh’.

Wong: Then you are deaf.

Yahya: No, you are deaf.

Chong: I would like to remind all YBs that using insulting and inappropriate words is disallowed in the House. The word ‘anjing’ is not proper in the House, so YB please withdraw.

Wong: The Chief Minister also said the same thing, calling me ‘bodoh’ and ‘bohong’ (liar). But OK, as a gentleman, if you feel hurt, then I will withdraw, but I won’t do the same next time, and if the Chief Minister is a gentleman, he too will withdraw his words.

Toursim, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun: I just want to say that we are all YBs, so we must show that we earn the respect of others. We are the Yang Berhormats and should be respected. So for us to show respect is to refrain from using words that can be insulting to others. Besides, YB Sri Tanjung will not lose anything for seeking forgiveness. We all make mistakes, say the wrong word; a good leader is someone who is able to accept our weaknesses.

Wong: OK Datuk, I honour your words. I want to apologise to YB Sekong, but he must also seek forgiveness for saying foul words against my mother, father and ancestors in the past, so ‘saya minta ampun tuanku’ (so I seek forgiveness from your royal highness).

Samsuddin: I never talked bad about your mother, you lied to your mother for making your fake native certificate. He (Wong) is wrong.

Wong refused to argue and continued with his debate and raised about the possibility of Malaysia going bankrupt by 2019 and touched on the call to do away with subsidies.

He also told the House that it was important for the state government to be prudent in its spending, and raised about faulty development projects such road repair works and incompetent Public Works Department engineers in Tawau.

Wong: They (engineers) are always not in the office every time I come to see them. How am I supposed to get explanations on several development projects in Tawau? There is a stretch of road where the ‘danger’ sign has been put up for almost 10 years, and yet nothing is done to rectify it. The engineers keep going there but nothing is done. They might as well be sacked.

Pairin: I cannot believe it when you say that nothing is being done on that stretch for the last 10 years. It is wrong for YB Sri Tanjung to make such accusations against the engineers in Tawau as they are not here to defend themselves. This is a serious accusation. If you are not satisfied with these engineers, please write to me and we will take the necessary action.

Wong: I thank the Infrastructure Development Minister (Pairin) for your concern. I think you will not believe but I will furnish you with the evidence and can even take you there if you do not believe me.

Wong who later touched on issues relating to incomplete computer laboratories was later warned by Assistant Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Jahid Jahim, that under Point 43(1), he (Wong) is not supposed to bring unrelated issue to the House.

Wong: OK, I take note. Let me get back to my debate. I believe the only sensible Budget is that allocated to the Tourism, Culture and Environment Ministry as we can see a significant increase in tourist arrival. But I do not agree with the other allocations. There is a RM1 billion allocation for miscellaneous to the Chief Minister’s Department.

Musa: You are trying to mislead the House again. You can come and check the accounts instead of making accusations. You can even come to the office and ask for explanation. We have all the evidence on how the money was spent, we have been very prudent in our spending, this is a serious accusation. You are so fond of making accusations.

Wong: I take your word for it. In fact you should not just furnish me with the figure, reveal it to the people as well.

Musa: It is all there, it’s in the report.

Wong: I didn’t have enough time to read it.

Musa: Please do not ask him to speak any longer, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Wong: The over RM400 million allocation is such a big sum, but I do not want to hear about this vacuum cleaner matter.

Musa: What are you talking about? What are you implying?

Wong: Vacuum cleaner is ‘rasuahlah’. (corruption).

Musa: What do you mean with ‘rasuah’? What are you talking about. We have been very prudent in our spending. I can sue you for this.

Pairin then stood up and called for the Point of Order again and asked Wong to withdraw the word ‘rasuah’.

Chong: A member of the House cannot raise a misleading fact and in this case, the word ‘rasuah’ is misleading, it is said without proper evidence.

Wong: It is hard for me to withdraw because it seems that the Chief Minister says he wants to sue me so it is only fair that I see him in court. What is so wrong with me saying the word vacuum cleaner?

Samsuddin: He shouldn’t have said it, but may be he is not really in a good mood, may be he had a fight with his wife last night, we don’t know.

Wong: I do not understand why it is such an issue. I only said, “vacuum cleaner”. Why is the Chief Minister so sensitive with it … may be ‘siapa yang makan lada, dia terasa pedas’. (who eats the chili will feel the heat).

Musa: No, I am not. I just wanted to point out clarification. What did you mean by that? You are creating suspicions in this House.

Wong: I did not say you are a corrupt.

Yahya: When you say ‘siapa yang makan lada, dia terasa pedas’, you were implying at him (CM).

Wong: I was not. In fact many YBs used the saying before.

After much deliberation, Pairin called for the Point of Order 43(6) to withdraw the word ‘rasuah’ and asked Wong to seek forgiveness, to which Chong ordered Wong to oblige.

Wong: ‘Baiklah, saya tarik balik, walaupun saya benci tapi saya masih ada rindu juga’. (OK, I will withdraw the word, although I hate it, but I am still fond of it)

Musa: ‘Apa yang kau benci? Apa wayang?’ (What is it that you hate? What act are you putting up?)

Wong: ‘Saya benci pasal kau marah dan cari gaduh’ (I hate it when you get angry and fight with me)

Musa: I wasn’t fighting or scolding you. I just wanted to make things clear with you, but I do get angry because you always try to mislead the House.

Wong: As a gentleman, we can hate and love, but we will leave it to the ‘rakyat to judge.

He then continued to compare the allocation given to a state like Perak, who was only getting a little compared to Sabah.

Musa: You cannot compare Sabah and Perak. Both Sarawak and Sabah are getting among the largest allocations from the federal government because we are the first and second largest states in Malaysia. We have such big areas to cover and our development expenditures are greater compared to other states. How come, you cannot differentiate all these? You must know how to compare, Perak is one of the smallest states in the country. By the way, it is all listed in the report, please refer to it and do not waste the other YBs’ time anymore.

Jimmy: OK, I accept, but remember state government, we (opposition) are always looking at you. I am still learning, and on the budget, I am sorry, I do not support it.

The Bill was however passed even after the lively debate.


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