Musa dan Jurnalis

Jika benar laporan dari Free Malaysia Today berkenaan kisah Ketua Menteri Sabah ingin mengawal media di negeri ini, bagaimana mungkin kami berpegang kepada etika kewartawanan?

So far, boss kami tidak pernah mengarahkan kami untuk slow down report untuk pihak pembangkang, malah kami buat liputan untuk semua event government atau opposition sama rata (sekiranya dijemput dan reporter mencukupi).

GOD bless Sabah!

Berikut adalah petikan dari laporan Free Malaysia Today:

Musa turns up heat on media

FMT Staff | April 1, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman has shown his vicious iron fist to come down hard on the local media and journalists in the state.

They are feeling the heat from chief minister’s office for doing what they have been hired to do and what their bosses and readers expect of them – reporting news without fear or favour.

Several said they were instructed to write in a certain way and not to highlight Barisan Nasional (BN) problems and to play down criticism of his administration.

Various “arm-twisting” methods have also been employed, according to sources, by the chief minister’s press officers to force newspaper owners to comply with his ‘rules’.

“The feeling is that Musa wants everyone to adhere to the New Sabah Times (controlled by Musa) style of reporting,” said a journalist.

“How are we going perform if we not allowed to our jobs… that is to report the news fairly and accurately? We can’t suppress opposition news and views,” said the journalist.

Musa’s wariness of bad press comes in the wake of renewed criticism of his administration from within his own BN coalition. He has been accused of taking on a dictatorial stance and playing one coalition party against the other.

Most of the local media have gone to town with the reported self-destruction within the ruling coalition.

In an effort to rectify his recent missteps, Musa has reportedly asked his officers to stop the newspapers from publishing ‘negative’ reports about his decisions.

Talk is that even the forestry department has been roped in to enforce the chief minister’s ‘censorship’ demands.

According to a story making the rounds, a senior forestry department official had a ‘quiet talk’ with the boss of local newspapers about their coverage.

It was perceived as a threat to the newspaper company which also has a sister outfit granted a ‘Forestry Management Unit’ or FMU by the state after approval by the forestry department.


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